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The crew of Estereo Humanzee presents an innovative journey through the music scene in Ecuador. Their electro-acoustic sounds and electro-clash setting generate an attention-grabbing experience with a unique sound which is the result of their experimentation with musical fusion and the power of Latin-American music.

From some time ago, their intended musical objective has been the acceptance of the public audience in Ecuador. Estereo Humanzee is known for their truly exceptional live presentations which propose a very fun, festive and entertaining environment. “Oliver”, the title of their first official LP, is the product of many months of dedication and perseverance, were one can clearly appreciate their musical evolution. Therefore, their search for new audible horizons may take them to mark an era with its distinctive and unique sound. For that same reason by the end of 2011 the band presented the first Remix album ever created by an Ecuadorian band. With the help of some of the greatest musicians of the local scene Oliver Remixes was a complete success not only for its sound but also for the acceptance of the very rough Ecuadorian crowd.

The musical vision from each of the members of the Estereo Humanzee crew, takes them to the most profound wish of artistic enlightenment. In fact, every member contributes to the band with their own distinctive personalities, sharing a common ideal to view life, with both the combination of humor and passion. This is evidently demonstrated in their sound and visual proposal. This led them to be the first Ecuadorian band to be presented on “El Vagon Alternativo” (which means: The Alternative Wagon), which is one of the most prestigious radio programs in Ecuador. This great accomplishment has made them gain many more experiences and opportunities in the music scene.

In 2009, Estereo Humanzee starts off the production of many of their unpublished songs which eventually become part of their first album. Some of these songs have already been used in some of the short films carried out by the National Institute of Upper Studies in Film and Acting (known in Spanish as: INCINE- Instituto Superior de Cine y Actuacion) in Quito, Ecuador. Also, one of their first singles, titled “Maldito Celular” (meaning ‘Damn Cellphone’) is used as the official theme song of the television program “Divergente”, which is transmitted by the national public channel of Ecuador known as ECTV.

The broadcasting of their songs in radio programs and television shows has let them instantly leave a mark on the Ecuadorian youth across the country. This makes it possible for them to be invited to the most important music festivals in all of Ecuador. One of them being the 7th edition of the International Music Festival Quitofest, where they played along important bands such as: Babasonicos and Austin TV. They also were invited to participate in the annual Fête de la Musique (Music Party Festival), which is organized by the French Alliance Academy in Ecuador. Given this, they have participated in two very significant music festivals.

At the beginning of 2012 after some hard times the crew lost 4 members, 2 of them co-founders of the project. Was a though moment for the band but also the best time to start composing the new album. After some months of complete dedication the EP “Patrón de interferencia” was born. The band created a complete new and improved sound that took the attention of many listeners in Ecuador. The power of the new concept traveled fast across the country and crossed for the first time the borders, getting to the ears of the Peruvian listeners. That’s how Estereo Humanzee got invited to close the 2012 edition of the “Navirock” festival in Lima, sharing the stage with some of the most recognized bands from the alternative Peruvian scene, such as “Dolores Delirio”, “Campo de Almas”; “Psycosis” and many more. The acceptance was overwhelming, reason why the band got more invitations to play across Peru the coming year.

Without a doubt, Estereo Humanzee leaves a mark wherever they go. They have played in many cities of the country and constantly been requested to participate in festivals of different exposures. They’ve been carrying out shows in cities like: Tulcán, Guano, Ambato, Cuenca, Baños, Salcedo. They want to keep providing music for all audiences, so that everyone may continue to dance and party!

Estereo humanzee on 2013 realse ther third album "Entropy", and, they had their second international tour, now getting overseas into Europe, were they had 9 concerts in 2 countries (Spain and France), after finishing the european tour the band went to Santiago Chile (Chile - South America) and have a short tour of 5 concerts, in which 1 of the shows was in Chillan southern city of the country.


<band members>

-Dr.chiquito: vocals, rhythim guitar, sinths.

-Chacal: vocals, sinths, sampler y trumpet.

-Erik el rojo: vocals, drum and bass sequences, sinths.


-Guija: guitar.